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Brave Companion Dogs looking for their forever homes.

Please read our terms and conditions before applying for one of our dogs.  These conditions are not negotiable.  Due to the circumstances some of our dogs come into rescue, we are very strict with the conditions when they are adopted. 
All rescue dogs for sale are microchipped, vaccinated and wormed.  Most of our dogs are desexed, unless otherwise stated, in which case they will have a desexing date and will need to be returned for desexing on this date.
Please contact Ludelle on 0419 731 459 for any information on the dogs listed below.  
Thank you for looking. 


This beautiful girl needs her forever home. Chevy is a Bull Arab x and she is just one year and three months old.
She is a lovely easygoing girl. Chevy loves attention and pats, enjoys her walks and is not phased by the other dogs.

Adoption cost for Chevy is $200 - desexed, vaccinated, microchipped and wormed


This lovely boy is ready to go to his forever home. Silas is a Huntaway x, and he will be one year old next month.
Silas was in very sad physical condition when he was surrendered. He was still such a happy and friendly boy though.
Silas is an exuberant boy who loves to play, and gets along with everyone.

Adoption cost for Silas is $200 - desexed, vaccinated, microchipped and wormed


Juke is a mastiff x, who turned five last month. He’s a very people friendly boy and quite independent of other dogs so doesn’t need to have a doggy companion. Juke loves his walks and loves the water. He would be best suited with an older family. 

Adoption cost for Juke is $200 - desexed, vaccinated, microchipped and wormed


Our new girl Zania is all set to go to her forever home!
Zania is an American Bulldog. She 5 years old and just loves people. She's a family girl who would probably be happiest as an only dog. Zania loves her walks, she walks beautifully on lead and doesn't worry about the other dogs.

Adoption cost for Zania is $200 - desexed, vaccinated, microchipped and wormed.


Unfortunately beautiful Stella is a returning Bravedog. She is a Bullarab x, three years old. Stella is very social with other dogs and is a family girl. She is house trained and likes to spend some time indoors especially when there are storms around. Stella MUST have good fencing. She loves to go for walks especially with another dog so a male playmate would be a bonus.

Adoption cost for Stella is $200 - desexed, vaccinated, microchipped and wormed


This lovely boy is ready for his forever home. Dozer is a bull mastiff x who has just turned one. He is very social with other dogs his size and would love to have a playmate at his new home. Dozer needs a caring family who will help him to learn his manners. He is too playful for a home with small children.

Adoption cost for Dozer is $200 - desexed, vaccinated, microchipped and wormed


Lovely Lucy is a Bull Mastiff/Ridgeback/Staffy/Labrador x. She is 10 months old. She doesn't much like coming in and out of her pen, but she's an affectionate girl, and becoming more playful. Lucy enjoys having another dog to walk with, and play with too.

Adoption cost for Lucy is $200 - desexed, vaccinated, microchipped, and wormed

BELLA (new)

Our beautiful girl (new) Bella is still waiting for her forever home. She is a bull mastiff x, two years and 9 months old. Bella is a high energy girl, very social and still learning her manners. She would love to have a playmate and room to run at her new home.

Adoption cost for Bella is $200 - desexed, vaccinated, microchipped and wormed


Our beautiful big boy Dudley is still waiting for his forever home.
Dudley is a Great Dane x about two and a half years old.
He's a very friendly boy and very playful. Dudley really is a well behaved boy. He has been a family dog, he's still a bit large and boisterous for toddlers though.

Adoption cost for Dudley is $ 200 - desexed, vaccinated, microchipped and wormed


Beautiful Maizie is a staffy/Bull Arab cross, about three and a half years old. Maizie is a returning Bravedog- the family who adopted her just over a year ago had a new baby and sent Maizie back. She loves her walks and dips in the pool and is very people friendly. Maizie can be picky about her doggy companions, but has walked with other dogs since she's been back. She's been very well behaved, but of course she doesn't understand why she is back in a pen. 

Adoption cost for Maizie is $200 - desexed, vaccinated, microchipped and wormed.


It's getting colder - wouldn't it be lovely if Bella could spend this winter indoors at her forever home!
Bella is a mastiff x, five and a half years old. She was rescued off the streets after being abandoned by her owner. She's such a friendly, easygoing girl, loves her walks, loves basking in the sun and a dip on a warm day. She likes car rides too and would make a great family dog. Due to her previous lifestyle she doesn't like being home alone. Bella just loves to be loved. She really will be a low maintenance addition to your family. A great walking/car ride companion, but not so active that you need to take her for a run.

Adoption cost for Bella is $200 desexed, vaccinated, microchipped and wormed


Our blue eyed babe Karman is still waiting for her forever home. Karman is a Bull Arab x Mastiff, two and a half years old. She loves kids, loves walks, and loves playing in the pool. Due to her size Karman would be best suited to an older family, no toddlers. And it would be good if you're quite active, Karman would love to join you doing whatever you do!

Adoption cost for Karman is $ 200desexed, vaccinated, microchipped and wormed



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