Brave Companion Dog Rescue Inc

Lockyer Valley Dog Rehoming Program

Brave Companion Dog Rescue Inc. is a not-for-profit group, operating throughout the

 Lockyer Valley, Ipswich and Somerset regions in South East Queensland.

Our mission is to rescue and rehome the region's abandoned and unwanted dogs.

If you are considering a rescue pet adoption, please browse our pages. All dogs listed here

are beautiful pets who deserve a forever home.

Please like our page on Facebook page - Brave Companion Dog Rescue Inc. - for updates

as they

A special thanks...

Brave Companion Dog Rescue would like to thank

  • all the people who volunteer within the Incorporation.

  • dog walkers and cleaners, dedicating their time to give our dogs clean and comfortable           
         pens and give them the walks they desperately need

  • all our wonderful foster families who take great care of our dogs until they go to their               
         forever homes

  • also anyone behind the scenes who volunteers their time to Brave Companion Dog 

         Rescue Inc.

  • all the companies who have given their support throughout our time operating

An extra thank you goes to:

  • Lockyer Valley Regional Council, for providing us the chance to apply for money through   
        their grants program to buy 2 brand new 10 kg washing machines

  • Betta Home Living, Gatton for their great service, the delivery and installation of the               

  • Pet Barn Ipswich for their continuous support by donating dog food, medications, dog             
    toys and more


Calling all volunteers...

Dogs like Bella above are in urgent need of special care in a loving home

Help us make a difference - become a temporary foster carer for one of our homeless dogs,

while we look for their forever home. Vet expenses are paid, all you provide is food, love,

shelter and exercise. Must be within reasonable driving distance of the Lockyer Valley.

WANTED - Dog walkers to exercise our dogs and helpers to clean out their pens

Brave Companion Dog Rescue Inc. is situated at the Old Laidley Pound Shelter. The dogs

love their daily walks and benefit from socialisation with their handlers. It's a great way to get

some exercise while at the same time helping our four legged friends. We commence daily

from 7.30 am to about 11 am, 7 days a week. Please remember to wear sturdy, enclosed

shoes, and bring drinking water, sunscreen and a hat.

NEEDED - Good quality clean pet food, blankets, towels, sheets, food bowls, 

dog beds, collars and leashes

If you are able to donate any of the above items please contact Ludelle, our volunteer

coordinator, on 0419 731 459 or 0491 727 449 and arrange to deliver to the shelter (mornings preferred).

Bedding clean and not torn, for hygiene reasons only new dog beds, collars and

leashes please.

If you can't reach Ludelle, please leave a message and Ludelle will be in contact with you as

soon as possible.

Pet photography...

Our amazing photographer Maree

Please visit Maree at Chrome 'n Silver Photography on her facebook page, look at the

amazing photos she's taking and make a booking. She will endeavour to capture your pets

just perfectly.

Our wonderful Sue

at Sew it Sue is a very gifted crafter and kindly donated the beautiful bandanas for our

shoots. Please check out her facebook page and have a browse. She makes all sorts

of lovely 
pet accessories at an outstanding quality.



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