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Lockyer Valley Dog Rehoming Program

About Us

Brave Companion Dog Rescue is a volunteer, non-profit organisation caring for abandoned dogs and puppies in the Lockyer Valley and surrounding regions in south east Queensland. 

From early beginnings in 2001, we grew from the desire to do something about the many dogs that were being euthanised in the local pound each month, and with support from the local shire council set up our dog re-housing program.

We are composed entirely of volunteers and operate from leased pens in the old shire council pound, as well as a small network of home-based foster carers. We usually have between 10 - 20 dogs in our care at any given time. Our policy is a strictly "no kill" policy, which means all dogs are cared for until they find their permanent home.

As a non-government funded charitable service, we are very grateful for the community's support, which helps to pay for expenses such as emergency vet treatment and the costs of running our program.  Assistance is welcomed in many different ways including donations and sponsorship.

Please contact Ludelle Milne on 0419 731 459.


Donations are a welcome way to support our service and help to pay veterinary bills, pound release fees and other necessary expenses that we can't always recoup through adoption fees. Donations may be made directly to:

Bank: Heritage Building Society
BSB: 638 070
Account Number: 12096636
Account Name: Brave Companion Dog Rescue Inc

Or make a secure online donation with your credit card via Paymate.

Please also email us your name and address or email address, or we will not know who has donated the money or be able to say thank you. E-Mail is [email protected]

Cheques should be made out to Brave companion Dog Rescue Inc. and mailed with your full details of name and address, or name and email address to Mrs Ludelle Milne, 128 Lakes Drive, Laidley Heights, QLD 4341.


Adoption Fees

Adoption fees are calculated on a sliding scale based on individual expenses. With this model we hope to recover most of the costs related to care for a particular dog, whilst keeping fees within affordable levels.

Brave Companion Dog Rescue Inc. is currently not registered for GST; our ABN is 37 573 350 235.







Base fee for each dog towards cost of dog food, worming and flea treatment, and other basic costs.

+ Microchip

add $20

All dogs require microchip before they are rehoused; not charged in cases where the dog was previously microchipped

+ Special diet

add $25

May apply in the case of puppies, some toy breeds or dogs with a medical condition requiring special diet or supplements.

+ C3 vaccination

add $25

Distemper, Hepatitis & Parvovirus (C3) Given to puppies at 6 - 8 wks, followed by C5 at 16 wks. Minimum C3 booster is recommended for adult dogs. 

+ C5 vaccination

add $40

C3 + Kennel Cough (C2)


+ Desexing

add $100

Not charged where the dog was previously desexed.

(Large breeds cost extra – between $170 - $200)

Other costs


May include medical costs, pound release fees, other direct costs.

Depending on circumstances these may not always be oncharged as part of the adoption fee.

In such cases extra costs would be met by fundraising and donations. 




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