Brave Companion Dog Rescue Inc

Lockyer Valley Dog Rehoming Program

What you should know before you adopt

Before adopting a dog or puppy, please ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I have time to care for a dog?

    This includes time for care, play, companionship and exercise. Dogs are social creatures

    and do not well if left on their own for long periods of time. Many develop behavioural

    problems if neglected or not trained. Sadly, many dogs end up back in our shelter because

    the owner did not realise dogs need regular and ongoing commitment of time.

  • Can I afford a dog?

    Things like vaccinations, worming and flea treatment, council registration fees and vet fees

    mount up over a period of time. There may also be unexpected costs of emergency care in

    case of an accident, or long term care if your pet develops a medical condition. The

    commitment to meet these costs needs to be factored into your decision to adopt a dog

  • Am I able to properly house a dog?

    If you are renting, you need to ensure the landlord accepts pets. You should have written

    permission to own a dog in the home. Consider whether you pet will reside inside or outside

    your home and ensure adequate fencing and shelter.

Please understand that a pet is a responsibility that you are agreeing to take on for

the lifetime of the pet

Terms & Conditions of Adoption

A primary condition and responsibility of taking ownership of a dog from our program is that,

in the event of realising that your choice of dog is no longer suitable to you,

  • You must immediately contact our program coordinator to make arrangements for the

         safe return of the dog

  • You must agree to pay all charges for the return of the dog to Brave Companion Dog             
         Rescue Inc., should this occur

  • Under no circumstance is a dog from our program to be surrendered to a council                 
         pound, RSPCA, Animal Welfare League, resold or given away

  • Brave Companion Dog Rescue Inc. has access to experienced dog trainers if it is felt that some support is needed.

    Brave Companion Dog Rescue Inc. has the right to reclaim any dog, should information be

    received regarding the dog being mistreated, neglected or used for any other purpose than

    the purpose it was rehomed for (namely as a family/companion dog). 

    Brave Companion Dog Rescue Inc. has access to experienced dog trainers if it is felt that some support is needed.

    Program dogs must be released to our program coordinator on request.

    Our program coordinator Ludelle Milne may be contacted on 07 5465 1751 or 0419 731 459



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