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Suzy's Pups

Yes 14 pups (please read Suzy Story)

Suzy' s Story

This girl, we now call Suzy, had belonged to one irresponsible dog owner in Laidley Shire which nearly cost her her life, twice. Firstly she was impounded from Laidley Heights, she was unregistered and her owner didn't come forward.

December is a critical time of the year when many animals are abandoned by their owners and have to be destroyed. Suzy was one of the lucky ones to come into our programme to be re-homed.

Her second challenge was giving birth to 14 pups. Being a small Cattle X Staffy would put her life at risk again, Another irresponsible act by her ex-owner because they didn't have her desexed or prevent her mating when she was in season.

Because of Suzy's small size, she couldn't cope with such a large number of pups, therefore she had to have a C-Section. She was unable to feed her new pups, and she had lost a lot of blood, which meant that her pups had to be hand-reared. All the pups were premature by at least 2 weeks, so in the first weeks some pups started to die due to under-developed lungs and other health problems, such as infection.

In total we lost 10 pups, even with the help of local vets and AWL, who did all they could to help save them.

Suzy and her remaining pups have all been successfully re-homed.

The cost to our programme caused by one irresponsible dog owner has been great, with vet bills and food expenses.

How many Suzy's are in the Shire that won't be so lucky?

A very big Thank You goes out to..
  • AWL Vets Clinic, Tiger St West Ipswich
  • Rosewood Vet Clinic, Walloon Rd Rosewood
  • Haigsleigh Vet Clinic
and all their staff who assisted the foster carers with Suzy and her pups, we couldn't have done it without them.

Surviving Pups

Snowy (Re-homed)   

Pirate (Re-homed)

Suzy Q (Re-homed)

Yoda (Re-homed)

Suzy at her forever home :

Suzy has found a loving family and a play mate 



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